Due to significant experience of our experts in designing and performing APCS projects in different fields of manufacturing, “Prisma-Electric company” solves the most difficult tasks.

Technological processes automation on your manufacturing – is redistribution of your material, energy, and information streams due to accepted standards of control (optimality).

Implantation of APC systems allows attaining hi-reliable work of equipment, reducing emergencies risks and to perform efficient management and control in normal transitional and pre-emergency working mode.

Automation of technological processes leads to improving labor productivity and increasing products quality. Along with this, crew percentage, which is busy in different manufacturing spheres decreases. This decreases cost price of product unit.

Using built-in diagnostic tools, control by available wired and wireless communication channels, acquisition of reliable information about technological process performing, technological equipment conditions andtools of emergencies, archive maintenance and management significantly reduce time for repairing and recovering of equipment, which failed.

“Prisma Electric” offers complex modern solutions, which allow to realize as local APCS, and multilevel automation systems (from sensors and actuators PLCs and SCADA-programs different engineering subsystems to enterprise complex of APCS.

In commerce and residential sectors of building company offers integration of internal power supply system with other engineering systems of building with control system “Intelligence House”, what will lead to optimization of energy consumption, emergencies prevention and obviation.

“Prisma Electric” ready to propose best solution with deep understanding of client’s requirements.