“Prisma Electric” offers complex solution for industrial companies, administrative and commerce buildings, and infrastructure objects.

Energy efficient power supply – this is increases equipment’s exploitation period with hihg exploitation features due to providing automated control based on frequency changers and reactive power compensation systems. Reactive power compensation allows:

  • to reduce consumed active power of enterprise;
  • to reduce losses in high-voltage feeders;
  • to reduce voltage dropping and feeders heating losses;
  • to lead value of power coefficient to normal value, that is lead to consumption with ‘green tariff’.

Electric drive frequency control provides:

  • optimization of working modes and technological parameters of equipment;
  • efficient energy and resource saving;
  • increase of efficiency and reliability equipment’s work;
  • increasing of working resources and overhaul intervals of electro-technical, mechanical and hydraulic equipment.

Our experts are ready to provide technical and commercial rationale of implanting installations of reactive power compensation and automated control systems based on frequency changers specifically for your enterprise.