“Prisma Electric” provides a full range of work on implementation of integrated solutions in the field of automation, power supply and energy saving – from technical audit and design documentation toputtingintooperation.

An integrated approach to problem solving to provide power supply, automation of technological processes and energy saving systemsas construction and reconstructed objects – the most demand on the market today.Customer interaction with the company that takes the responsibility of a single performer – the best option in view of organizational and economic reasons.

This strategy – to form a managerial, technical and technological resources for managing complex projects “turnkey” is a priority for “Prisma Electric”.In most projects, the company acts as a developer of design documentation, manufacturer and supplier of equipment, carries out installation and commissioning, thereby reducing the deadlines of the object and its value.

The design and implementation process of complex projects of “Prisma Electric” includes the steps of:

  • Survey and technical audit of object;
  • The development a feasibility study for the project;
  • Development of design and construction documents;
  • Manufacturing and supply of equipment and materials according to the working project;
  • Electroinstallation and commissioning;
  • Instructing and training operational services of customer;
  • Warranty and service facility.

The company is implementing projects in the following areas:

  • Power supply and power distribution system of objects up to 10 kV and currents up to and including 6300A;
  • Automation process control systems;
  • Interior and exterior lighting;
  • Electric Drive Control Systems;
  • Energy saving systems (reactive power compensation and control panels based on frequency changers);
  • Integrated systems troubleproof and continuous power supply;
  • Equipment and instrumentation.